Vegan PB&J Overnight Oats

This past weekend was hectic. I was up by 7 and out of the house before 8 both days, so breakfast wasn't a main priority. Even some weekdays I don't give myself enough time, and I'm rushing around to throw something together before work. Peanut butter and jelly toast is a nice quick option, but I really prefer to get other forms of nutritional value in my meals.

Then it dawned on me - why not make my breakfast the night before? It's easy, and it would make my morning routing less chaotic. I could do overnight oats. Just throw the ingredients in a Tupperware container at night, and I'm good to go in the morning. But I wanted to amplify it a little, and with PB&J on the brain, I came up with this recipe for PB&J overnight oats. It's a great source of fiber and protein (and also sneaks in some fruit).

Here's what you'll need:

For the peanut butter oats:
-1/2 cup rolled oats (these are different than instant oatmeal, so make sure you grab rolled oats)
-1/2 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk
-1/2 tbsp black chia seeds
-1 tbsp vanilla hemp protein powder (I used Nutiva brand)
-1 tbsp peanut butter

For the jelly:
-1 tbsp natural fruit preserves (the preserves should match the fresh fruit of your choice. I used strawberry)
-2 tbsp chopped fruit (I used 3 strawberries - 1 to top the oats)


1) Mix together the ingredients for the peanut butter oats the night before.
2) Store and refrigerate over night.
3) In the morning, slice the strawberries or other fruit, and mix 2/3 of the fruit with the tbsp of fruit preserves.
4) Place the fruit and preserve mixture at the bottom of your bowl or glass, add the oat mixture, and top with the remaining fruit slices.
5) Enjoy!

Also feel free to layer the fruit throughout instead of just at the bottom. It's just a matter of what you prefer. Let me know what you think!