sprouted bread

Manna Organics - Sprouted for Life

I wanted to start 2016 out with something that I felt really passionately about, and there's no better way to do that than with Manna Organics. 

A couple of months ago I stumbled upon the company Manna Organics. I was initially attracted because they had sprouted grain bread, which I had tried from other companies before. But Manna was different. They had everything from multi-grain to carrot raisin, not to mention gluten free and sour dough breads. 

But Manna isn't just a bread company. They have organic nut butters, kale chips, and other snacks. So I pretty much wanted to eat the whole food index, but I decided to start with some of their sprouted bread that initially drew me in and their toasted coconut cashew Manna butter. 

The sprouted grain bread is nothing like other sprouted breads I've tried before. With other breads, they're pretty similar to a standard loaf of bread. Manna sprouted bread is more of a cake-like consistency. It's more moist and a little sweeter which lends itself perfectly to some of their amazing flavors. It's vegan and yeast free with no salt, oils, sweeteners, or leavening agents. I've only tried the carrot raisin and multigrain so far, and they are both phenomenal. I have every intention of trying a different flavor each time that I go to the super market, but I've been having some trouble steering away from these two because they're just that delicious! I've used them to make French toast (highly recommended), as toast on the side of soup, and topped with some nut butter as a part of breakfast. You really can't go wrong with this bread.

Which brings me to the Manna butter. I've had plenty of nut butters, and I've also had coconut butters. But I haven't had anything quite like the coconut cashew Manna Butter. I don't feel like I can even put into words just how good it is. It's a delicious cashew butter with actual pieces of coconut in it. It is the perfect combination of salty and sweet and pairs so well with the carrot raisin bread. I could eat that combination every day. 

So would I recommend Manna Organics? I think the answer is pretty obvious - of course! Their products are delicious, healthy, and organic. They have something for everyone whether you're vegan, gluten free, or have no food restrictions. You will find something, and trust me you will love it!