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Morocco Naturals

A few months back (well several at this point) I did an Instagram post asking what natural products people used. I've been trying to transition basically everything I use over to natural products with short ingredient lists that I recognize. Around the same time I started using this body butter and tooth paste from Morocco Naturals.

When it comes to things like skin, hair, and basically any product you put on or in your body, there isn't necessarily an immediate difference or reaction. With food you know how it tastes immediately and how it makes your body feel within a day. So reviewing food is a lot easier and quicker for me, but I really wanted to give these products a try. Sure I could say well the tooth paste has a nice taste and the body butter smells good, the end. But I feel like that's not the whole or even anything more than about 10% of a review of the actual product. So now I have been using both of these for months, and I feel like I can really give you guys a fair assessment. 

I'll start with the tooth paste. I've been using the CinnaClove flavor. Initially just looking at the package I see that it has less than 10 ingredients (all of which I recognize) which is a big thumbs up for me. Once I used the product, my reaction was that it has a nice taste. Obviously I didn't eat it, but you get the idea of tasting it when it's in your mouth. The consistency was definitely different than traditional tooth paste, but it still absolutely got the job done and left my mouth feeling clean and fresh. I went to the dentist earlier this week with no issues, and they didn't know that I had switched to an all natural tooth paste. Overall, I definitely recommend this tooth paste.

Onto the body butter. Ingredient list is again less than 10 recognizable ingredients. Now I should tell you I have had very dry skin my whole life. Dry skin, dry hair the whole shebang. This winter was especially rough. My hands were constantly dry, and the heels of my feet literally split in half. Sorry for the mental image. But IT WAS BAD. This stuff literally came at the perfect time. The consistency is a bit thick, kind of like that of coconut oil but not as greasy. I lathered this on everywhere, and within a few weeks my heels were healed (how about that for a play on words). But really, this was the only thing that could save my skin from the frigid dry winter. As it started to warm up I did start to use it less on my entire arms and legs and more on targeted areas like my feet, knees, elbows, etc. But this stuff is a miracle! If you take anything away from this post, it's that you need this in your life especially if you struggle with dry skin and can't seem to find a solution.

So overall two thumbs up from me on both products! I highly recommend both, and I still use both every day to this day. Definitely go check them out.