Farm to Gold Ghee

I was somewhat recently introduced to Ayurveda, an ancient system of holistic healing from India. I only learned some of the basics, but I always love to hear about different ideas on holistic health. Right around the same time I came across Farm to Gold Ghee. Ghee is a big staple in Ayurveda, so it almost felt like I was meant to give it a try. 

A brief little blurb about ghee - ghee is a healthy fat made from butter. It is cooked to remove all the milk solids, water, and impurities, leaving a lactose-free, casein-free, shelf stable cooking oil. It is great as a cooking oil or as a spread on anything really. For more info about ghee, specifically Farm to Gold Ghee, click here.

So I decided to give this ghee a try. I started using it in the place of olive or coconut oil. I cooked vegetables, eggs, French toast, you name it in this ghee. So what did I think? It was wonderful! It seriously opens up a whole new world of taste! Sauteed veggies were now infinitely better. Fried eggs were so tasty! It really truly added a whole new, delicious flavor dimension. 

Who would I recommend ghee to? Everyone honestly. It is delicious, and I really can't imagine someone not liking it. It's paleo-friendly, lactose-free, and just overall healthy. The only people who wouldn't want it are vegans because it is still an animal product, but it is the perfect fit for most ways of eating out there. I really recommend giving it a try!