Pique Tea

I'm a huge tea fan. I pretty much crave iced tea multiple times a day during this time of year, and hot tea is my jam in the winter. So when I came across Pique Tea, it was pretty much a no brainer.

These little packets contain whole leaf tea that has been brewed and crystalized. So you just pour yourself a glass of cold or hot water, open the packet, pour it in, and mix. Voila, delicious tea! It's super easy, and, yes you read that right, it dissolves in cold water too! Plus this tea is organic and sugar free, so it's literally like you just brewed your own great tea without the hassle. 

They carry a variety of teas: Sencha green tea, jasmine green tea, early grey black tea, and mint Sencha green tea (my personal favorite) all of which are organic. Besides the actual tea, they come in easy to carry packets, so they're perfect for when you're on the go. And this is probably absolutely silly to mention, but the box is super pretty for those of you (like myself) who sometimes pick things based on packaging. 

So would I recommend Pique Tea? DUH! There's nothing I don't like about this product. It's cute, convenient, and most importantly delicious. Pique Tea has been kind enough to let you guys in on a little discount. You can use the code TEACRYSTALS15 for a limited time to get 15% off your order over on their website.