I'm Running a Half Marathon?!

Growing up I seriously SUCKED at running. I couldn't even run a mile. I dreaded that time of year when we would have to run the mile in gym class. It was embarrassing, and I hated sweating. Really, I hated working out in general, but running was like the ultimate hell. 

College came, I gained the freshmen (at least) 15, and as a result I actually started to get into working out a bit. But all I really did was cardio, specifically the elliptical. Towards the end of college I started running with one of my roommates from time to time. The endurance I gained from the elliptical somewhat translated into running short distances. My heart could handle it, the legs not so much. But I built it up a little over time, and perhaps we ran a mile or two at a time. 

Post-college I joined a gym and started running on the treadmill here and there. I signed up for a couple of 5ks, never running the whole thing, but I probably could have. I could definitely run like 3 miles...on a treadmill.  

In the summer of 2014, I decided I wanted to really get into running. I don't know why exactly, but it was a challenge. It was something I had never really been able to do well. Plus it was a way to exercise without necessarily having to go to the gym. 

I started running outside every few days building up from 3 miles to 4 to 5 and improving my time. I really ran a lot that summer and fall. I tried to keep it going even as it got cold. I headed to the dreaded treadmill, but it got the best of me. I slowly started to avoid it, and fell of the bandwagon. Every so often over the past year or so (especially in nice weather) I would run. I could still do about 5 miles depending on sleep, eating, etc.

Over all of this time half marathons have come into my head. I've seen people sign up for them. I've thought, hey, maybe I could actually do that. But then I'd shove that idea right back where it came from. But one day I randomly got to talking with my friend, Jocelyn, who has actually run a half marathon before, and we threw the idea around. But then, in typical fashion, I avoided it.

Last week I turned 27, and I decided that this is the year I'm going to challenge myself. I texted my friend, and we actually signed up for a half marathon. I filled out the form, sent it in, and paid the money. There's no going back now. 

At first I was excited, and then the OH SHIT moment hit. How am I going to run 13.1 miles? Is that physically possible for me? I'm 8 weeks out and starting a 10 week training program 2 weeks late. Can I do this? What do I eat? Do I have to drink/eat while I run? What if I have to go to the bathroom? I start googling EVERYTHING which leads to more panic. And then I stop.

Breathe. I can do this. I couldn't even run a single mile, and now I can run 5+ at this point. I have 8 weeks which is basically 2 months. I can already run more than the max run on the first 2 weeks of training.

I went out for a run on Saturday, and ran 6 miles and felt like I could keep going. I CAN DO THIS. I think. I'm honestly still a bit panicked, but I think I might be able to actually do this. This is my first full week of training with 7 additional weeks to follow and then the big day. 

I'm nervous but excited. I just don't really know exactly what to expect or what I should do leading up to and during it, but I am all ears. I would love love LOVE to hear any advice, stories, anything about your experiences with half marathons, marathons, 5ks, running in general. Comments are SO welcome below, or feel free to shoot me a message!