Spinach and Feta Turkey Meatballs Over Zucchini and Quinoa Linguine

I try to go food shopping every Sunday with a meal plan in mind for the week, but this week not so much. I picked up a lot of vegetables and some pretty standard proteins that I knew I'd have no problem using. Tuesday comes, and I was sitting at work thinking about what's for dinner (as I often do). I know I have this ground turkey sitting in the fridge, but I just didn't feel like a taco salad or a burger. How about a meatball? Spaghetti and meatballs? Meh still kind of boring. I start running through the list of what's in my fridge. I started with feta which ultimately led me to this kind of Mediterranean inspired twist on spaghetti and meatballs.


Here's what you'll need:


For the Meatballs:
-1 lb of ground turkey
-1 clove of garlic
-1 egg
-1/4 cup of whole wheat breadcrumbs
-1/2 cup of spinach, chopped
-1/4 cup of green onion (white and green parts), chopped
-1/4 cup of feta
-Salt and pepper to taste

For the Pasta:
-2 zucchinis, spiralized
-1/2 lb of quinoa linguine
-1 tbsp olive oil
-1 clove of garlic
-1 tomato, chopped
-1 tbsp of capers
-Oregano and red pepper flakes to taste

-Sprinkle of shredded parmesan cheese to top it all off


1) Thoroughly mix the ground turkey, egg, bread crumbs, green onion, feta, garlic, spinach, salt, and pepper by hand in a large bowl.
2) Shape meatballs about 2" in diameter and place evenly on a baking sheet (should form about 6 meatballs) and bake at 400 degrees for 20 mins.

1) Cook the quinoa pasta according to directions - generally around 6-9 minutes.
2) Cut off the ends of the zucchinis and spiralize each.
3) On a stove top, heat up the olive oil in a pan with garlic. Once the pan is hot and garlic has cooked for about 30 seconds, add the zucchini noodles. Cook for a few minutes (3 to 5 on medium high heat) until the noodles are softened. Add in red pepper flakes and oregano as desired and remove from heat.
4) Once the quinoa linguine is cooked, add it in with the zucchini noodles.
5) Add in capers and fresh tomato and mix.
6) Serve pasta mixture, top with two meatballs, and sprinkle with desired parmesan cheese.

This meal will make about 3 servings, so feel free to increase or decrease amounts accordingly.

Enjoy, and let me know what you think!