snack bars


The first thing that caught my attention about the RXBAR was the packaging. I love that it flat out lists the ingredients right there. They clearly aren't hiding anything in these bars, and that is amazing given all of the processed, well, everything out there right now. These bars are non GMO and contain no dairy, soy, or gluten. They're also paleo and Whole 30 friendly. And to top it all off, they finish it off with No B.S. as one of the ingredients. So I pretty much knew I had to try them.

I decided to go for a sample pack of all the flavors: apple cinnamon, chocolate sea salt, pumpkin spice, blueberry, coconut chocolate, peanut butter, and coffee chocolate, and I worked my way through each one.

Needless to say, I am impressed. Every single flavor tastes like it's labeled. Apple cinnamon tastes like fall in your mouth, blueberry tastes like a blueberry muffin, and pumpkin spice tastes like pumpkin pie (which I'm so happy I had on Halloween), Their ingredients speak for themselves. They're simple, straightforward, and delicious. Plus they're easy and great for fueling or refueling pre or post-workout.

So who should eat RXBARs? I don't think they're a bad choice for anyone. I think they're great for athletes or anyone who works out. But they would really work for anybody as a quick on the go snack or meal. The limited, straight forward ingredients would be a good addition to anybody's (who doesn't have allergies or other ailments towards any of the ingredients) diet.  They're a great source of protein and other nutrients. I'd highly recommend them to anyone who is interested in trying them.

If you want to find out more about RXBAR, how to order them, or where to find them click here.