Celebrating National Nutrition Month with BabbleBoxx

This post is sponsored by .

This post is sponsored by

March is National Nutrition Month, and there’s no better way to celebrate than with some delicious and nutritious food! That’s why I was super excited when my BabbleBoxx showed up at my door. I literally felt like a kid on Christmas morning diving into the box, and it did not disappoint! Packed with tasty food and beverages, this box was literally stacked with the best goods. I may even have some discount codes on these amazing products for you, so you’ll definitely want to keep reading. So what’s inside?

VeeTee’s Thai Jasmine Rice & Wholegrain Brown Rice & Quinoa

Microwavable in just 2 minutes with no artificial flavorings, colors, or preservatives, this rice is super easy to whip up and perfect for any meal! The Jasmine Rice has that traditional sticky texture to authentically enhance (and soak up) your favorite Asian dish, and the Wholegrain Brown Rice and Quinoa is super versatile. You can use it as the base of a dish, as a side dish, or in a salad. No matter how you enjoy it, you won’t be disappointed! Does it get any easier than microwaveable rice? Make sure to check VeeTee out here:

Wonder Kombucha

With only 10 grams of sugar per serving, Wonder Kombucha is the perfect non-alcoholic prebiotic beverage to nourish naturally occurring probiotic bacteria in the gut. It’s certified organic, non-GMO, gluten free, AND vegan making it the perfect way to improve your gut-health regardless of any dietary restrictions. You can get a $4 coupon for Wonder Kombucha for the month of March here:

Happy Healthy Co. Açaí bowls, Overnight Oats, and Smoothies

Eating healthy really doesn’t get easier (or tastier) than Happy Healthy Co.’s Açaí bowls, Overnight Oats, and Smoothies. Their smoothies come in 5 delicious flavors made from antioxidant-rich whole food ingredients. You just add your favorite milk or water, blend, and enjoy! The overnight oats come in 3 flavors made from heart healthy ingredients. You simply add your favorite milk or water, and place them in the fridge overnight. Voila! Delicious, easy oats to enjoy cold or hot. Packed with antioxidants, their healthy acai bowls couldn’t be easier. Thaw and enjoy same day or overnight in the fridge. All cups include only non-GMO ingredients and are produced in a nut-free and vegan facility. Find out more about them here:, and get your mix and match bundle box delivered straight to your door anywhere across the continental US. New customers will receive $10 off their first order through the month of March.

Nutiva Organic MCT Powder Vanilla & Organic Squeezable Steam Refined Coconut Oil

Nutiva products have been a favorite of mine for years, and their Organic Vanilla MCT Powder and Organic Squeezable Coconut Oil just deepen my love. Made without chemicals, filler oils or additives, the vanilla MCT powder is the perfect way to boost you brain health and metabolism. It’s the perfect addition to your daily coffee, smoothie, or shake to keep you energized while providing mental clarity and fat burning benefits throughout the day. It’s a pure formula free form hexane, chemicals, GMO fillers, dairy, and gluten while also being certified organic, non-GMO, vegan, and Keto. The Organic Squeezable Steam Refined Coconut Oil is made from organic dried coconut without any chemicals. Thanks to the steam-refining process, it has a neutral flavor and scent making it perfect for baking, sautéing, stir-frying, and any and every other way you use butter, olive oil, and vegetable oils. Like the MCT powder, it is also certified organic, non-GMO, Keto, and vegan. Use the code NUTIVA25! or this link:! now through 5/31/19 for 25% off all MCT powder flavors and refined/virgin coconut oil pouches.


Laird Superfood Creamers: Original, Cacao, Turmeric, and Unsweetened

If you’re looking to upgrade your daily coffee, Laird Superfood Creamers are the all-natural way to do it! Did I mention they’re also great in tea, smoothies, and your favorite baked goods? With naturally occurring MCTs, these creamers provide an energy boost without the crash. They’re made from all-natural, whole food ingredients without anything artificial, and they fit into basically all diets. There’s the Original Superfood Creamer which contains just four ingredients, the Cacao Superfood Creamer for my chocolate lovers out there, the Turmeric Superfood Creamer which is my personal favorite to add to tea, and the Unsweetened Superfood Creamer which has just a subtle natural sweetness from real coconut. Learn more here:, and new customers can use the code BABBLE20 for 20% off their first order (offer expires 6/1/19).

Let me know which products you try and what you think in the comments below!

Renew Life® Probiotics – Live Healthier and Feel Better from the Inside Out

This post is sponsored by Renew Life®, however, I am sharing my own thoughts. All opinions are my own.

This post is sponsored by Renew Life®, however, I am sharing my own thoughts. All opinions are my own.

Gut health is a big focus in the health industry these days and for very good reason! The gut isn’t just at the literal center of the body; it’s truly is the body’s center when it comes to health and affects so many other parts of our bodies and daily lives. It can affect everything from how you sleep to stress levels and happiness. When balanced and healthy, your gut promotes better digestion and stronger immune health. Literally 70% of our immune system is located in the gut just to put it into perspective.


So how do we improve our gut health? A great place to start is by taking a daily probiotic. Probiotics help to restore the balance of flora in the gut. When the flora is unbalanced, it can lead to digestive and other health issues, so taking a daily probiotic helps to balance things out and keep them running and moving smoothly.

My go to daily probiotic is Renew Life. Renew Life is a potent probiotic with 3 times more good bacteria than leading brands as well as multiple scientifically studied strains to support digestive balance. These strains specifically reflect the natural diversity of your gut. Renew Life’s targeted release capsules help the probiotics to survive your stomach acid, allowing for more probiotics to actually reach the intestinal tract. Their potent formula contains 12 specifically selected Bifidobacterium and Lactobacillus (often known at the “good bacteria”) strains to help restore digestive balance and support your immune health. They guarantee 30 billion live cultures per each capsule! The Renew Life vegetable capsules are also dairy free and gluten free.


There are so many benefits to adding in a daily Renew Life probiotic into your routine. They help to regulate digestion and can aid in avoiding that uncomfortable feeling, which is something that I’m pretty sure we all want to avoid on our summer adventures! They also support your immune health keeping you going for all the fun summer activities. Nobody has time for sick days when you could be swimming in the ocean or hiking that trail you’ve been wanting to try. A daily probiotic can also improve your mood. Did you know that 95% of the body’s serotonin in produced right in the gut? So a happy gut can mean a happy you, literally. Basically your gut affects just about everything important to feeling the healthiest and best that you can!


Renew Life offers a variety of products. I’ve been taking their Women’s Care Ultimate Flora Probiotic each morning with breakfast and have felt a noticeable difference. They also offer an Extra Care and Kids Probiotic, so they have something for the entire family. You can find out more about Renew Life and their products at: I’d definitely recommend giving them a try for yourself! Let me know what you think or if you have any questions in the comments below!

Get more information here about the full line of Renew Life® Ultimate Flora™ Probiotics here: #startstrong, #powerhour

Health Coaching and the Holidays

So I realize that I have been somewhat absent on the blog front, and that is definitely not because I don't love blogging. There has just been A LOT going on. I started taking a course to become a certified holistic health coach in the fall, and I can't even begin to touch on how life changing it has been. I wish everyone had to take this course whether you want to health coach or not. It is so informational about nutrition, different ways of looking at health, and just life. Highly, highly recommended, and if you want to learn more about it give me a shout on the contact or health coaching page.

That being said, I'm not health coaching at the moment. But 2016 is right about the corner, so it's on it's way. I am reserving spots and happy to talk to anybody who thinks that they might be interested. Just give me a shout!

So did anybody realize that it's basically half way through December?! This holiday season came upon us so quickly. I had a wonderful and busy Thanksgiving, and now I'm just trying to catch up in time for Christmas. I will be trying to share some holiday-related recipes over on the recipe tab over the next few weeks. And I think I may have something very exciting coming up for the new year, so stay tuned here and on Instagram!

In the meantime, let me know what you want to see! Are you looking for a side dish recipe for your Christmas party? The perfect breakfast to keep you warm over these winter months? Let me know what gets you in the holiday spirit and what you want to read about in the comments below!


WrawPs - Gluten Free, Raw, Vegan Wraps

I was on a sandwich-making spree and dreaming about lunch one day when I literally thought to myself, "I wish that wraps were made out of veggies". I was so sick of either eating a ton of bread or tortillas or feeling too guilty about eating all of that bread to make another sandwich. I'm not anti-carbs by any means, but eating a lot of flour or corn products can really add up. Unfortunately, I don't really know how to make a wrap out of vegetables, but lucky for me I realized that I was following this company WrawP. That is a true story, not a very good one, but it's what happened. So of course, I needed them.

WrawPs are all natural, vegan, raw, paleo, gluten free wraps. They are made with mostly vegetables, fruits, seasonings, and other great, healthy ingredients like flax. They come in a number of different savory and sweet flavors from spicy to energizing morning to original. They are intended to replace carb filled flour and corn products. If you'd like more information about them, check out their website.

I tried one and have been hooked every since. So far I've used them for tacos, flatbreads/pizzas, burritos, wraps, and even in the place of a hotdog bun, and they've yet to disappoint. You can check out a couple of my recipes over on the recipes tab. They are really perfect for anything you'd use bread, wraps, tortillas, pizza crust, and even chips for. 

So do they really taste good? Honestly, yes. I really enjoy them. They are a great component to all of the meals I've listed above. They add a nice flavor without being overwhelming. The consistency is a bit tougher than an average wrap, but that doesn't compromise the taste at all. There are even a few flavors that are more like fruit leather if you're hesitant about the vegetable, savory ones (I plan to fill one up with some greek yogurt, berries, and granola later this week)! 

Who should buy WrawPs? I'd really say everyone. Do I think it's bad to eat bread or standard wraps? No, but I think it's great to have a healthy alternative that packs in a lot of nutrients, vegetables, and fruit. They're great for anybody, and they're definitely fun to play around with.

Let me know if you've tried WrawPs in the comments below and what you thought of them! 

Stairway to Heaven

This past weekend I started off my hiking challenge by heading up to Vernon, NJ for the Stairway to Heaven trail. The trail is a total of 7.4 miles over a mile of it being a steep incline.

I am by no means an expert hiker. I've done about 5 trails throughout New Jersey, and this one was definitely the toughest. It was a tough but totally worth it. I do think that anyone who sets their mind to it (and paces themselves and listens to their body) can complete this trail.

The trail starts out on a board walk and is a very easy walk for about 2 miles.

The boardwalk is about 2 people wide and surrounded my mostly tall grass and some water and swampy areas at points. We saw a number of turtles.

The picture above was taken very close to the beginning. You can see the mountain that we climbed to the top of far off in the distance.

You cross over a couple of bridges on the way towards the mountain including "Lovers Bridge". The boardwalk also get much skinnier and becomes 2 beams as you get out of the marshier area. You end up crossing over railroad tracks and going through a pasture where you can see some cows.

Finally you make it to the mountain.

You head into the woods, and follow the trail. It starts to become rocky, and that's when you know you're almost at the beginning of the climb.

Once we actually started to climb, I limited the picture-taking. It was a lot of climbing, and you could definitely feel it all over your legs and butt. We took a couple of quick breaks to catch our breath and enjoy the scenery. Finally we made it all the way to the top which is actually past the look out point. At the very top, there's a mailbox with a book that you can sign, so of course I did. Then we headed down just a little to the lookout point.


What a view! You can see the pasture you walked through, and the beams look like little lines. There also happened to be some sort of music event going on below, and we could hear the music all the way from the top. The huge tent looked like a little square.

After enjoying the top for a good 15 minutes, we headed back down and did the trail in reverse. All in all, it took about 4 hours including our rests, picture breaks, and 15 minutes at the top. It probably would've taken about 3 1/2 hours had we not stopped.

It was totally worth it. The varying elements of the path, different scenery, and amazing view from the top. What a great hike! Highly recommended if you're up for the challenge!

For a full overview and description of the trail click here.