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Vitafive - Personalized Gummy Vitamin Subscription

I recently came across the company Vitafive, a gummy vitamin subscription service that sends you personalized vitamin packs every four weeks. I have tried vitamin gummies before and was a big fan, so this idea really appealed to me.  So what sets them apart? Well, they have all sorts of different vitamins, and you don't have to buy them all separately. What you do is head to their website, choose the vitamin pack that you're interested in and that fits your lifestyle, order a subscription of it, and it's sent right to your door. 

I went with the beauty pack, but they have everything from active packs to brain packs to sleep packs (which might be on my list next). They also have kids packs, so they offer vitamins for the entire family. All of the vitamin packs are gluten free, kosher and halal,  and vegan. They also taste great and don't melt!

So what is receiving a subscription like exactly?

You receive a box like the one pictured above stocked with 28 daily vitamin packs. There's an easy open piece on the side that you can then close up after using. It keeps the rest of your vitamins easily stored throughout the four week period.

Each package has your name on it and lists exactly what's inside. As you can see my beauty pack comes with 3 omega-3's, 2 vitamin C's, and 2 biotin (the actual gummies are shown in the first picture in this post). They're easy open, and it's super convenient that your daily dose is already measured out for you. 

So overall, what did I think? I loved them! I love that you can pick and choose exactly what you want. I also love how personalized they make it down to the name on the packaging. Everything about is super convenient from storage to the packaging to it being pre-measured out for you. Plus the gummies taste great! I honestly just want to try some more packs I liked it that much! It's also convenient that by the time you run out, they've already sent the next box to your door. Definitely two thumbs up from me! They've also been kind enough to create a 30% discount code, stacy30,  for my followers that you can use on your order. Feel free to check them out here!