The Mason Jar Cookie Company

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Balance is something that is super important to me. I eat "healthy" food the majority of the time, but I absolutely indulge in treats here and there. And if we are being honest, cookies are like my absolute favorite treat or dessert. 

So when I heard about The Mason Jar Cookie Company, I was SO game. They sell mason jars filled with all the dry ingredients necessary to make the cookie flavor of your choosing. They come in the cutest packaging with easy step by step directions. They also have a ton of different mixes. Whether you want something traditional or for a specific event or holiday, they've got you covered with their creative flavors.

I got two different flavors, Blueberries and Cream and Oatmeal Chip Cookie, and made the Oatmeal Chip Cookies this weekend. They were super easy to make. I poured the contents of the jar into a bowl and mixed it together with my hands, declumping any clumps. I mixed together the other ingredients, butter, vanilla, and an egg, in a separate bowl, and then I combined the two bowls, mixing thoroughly with my hands. 

Next I just scooped tablespoon-sized cookie dough balls, and arranged them on a greased baking sheet. The mix should yield 24 cookies, but I may or may not have been a bit heavy handed with my scoops. So I ended up with 18 bigger cookies. 

Next I tossed the pan into a preheated oven for 12 minutes, and I had myself some seriously delicious cookies. 

I followed their spacing recommendation but didn't take into account that I made my cookie dough balls much bigger than a tablespoon, so my cookies cooked into each other. But they were easily separated with a spatula and still absolutely delicious. 

I wanted to eat them all, but I decided to be nice and shared them with my family. They were a HUGE hit! Everyone loved them. They were the perfect combination of an oatmeal cookie and a chocolate chip cookie. 

So would I recommend The Mason Jar Cookie Company? Uh duh! Not only are the jars adorable, but the cookies are absolutely delicious! The directions are easy to follow, and they could make a baker out of the person in your life who won't step foot in the kitchen. They'd honestly be such a wonderful gift  for any occasion or just a good buy when you want to treat yourself. Definitely go check them out here!