coconut butter

Essentially Coconut - It's Like a Vacation in a Jar

I recently had the pleasure of getting my hands on a few flavors of Essentially Coconut's coconut butters. They are made from coconut meat and nuts (minus the original coconut flavor), and that's about it. This is exactly what caught my eye about them. They're made in small batches with straight the point ingredients. I'm starting to feel overcome with emotions to slather some on an RxBar as I write this because these coconut butters have no B.S. 

I tried the original coconut flavor and the sweet almond flavor. They are the consistency of coconut oil, so at room temperature (especially in the fall/winter weather) they're hard. You can easily soften them by running the jar under warm water, or my go to trick is putting them in a mug of hot water to soften while I cook the rest of my meal. 

I had each flavor multiple ways, on the breakfast wrap pictured above, in yogurt, in a smoothie, on waffles. So what's my verdict? Drop everything and go order some right now! These coconut butters are life changingly delicious. Skip the syrup on your pancakes and waffles, slather some on a piece of toast, even add it to your coffee. These are amazing. They add the perfect sweetness without the processed junk.

The coconut flavor adds a nice sweetness that pairs well with almost anything. And the sweet almond flavor is a great nut butter replacement. I actually REALLY loved it paired with pumpkin spiced waffles. But they'd both be good as a sweetener, syrup, or nut butter replacement in basically anything.

All in all, the only reason I would say don't buy these is if you don't like coconut because, well, duh they're made out of coconuts. But otherwise I give two thumbs up to these delightfully tasty coconut butters. 

If you'd like to learn more about Essentially Coconut's story and products you can go to their website here