4 Influential Bloggers

I started a blog for a number of reasons. I wanted to keep myself accountable. I wanted to reach other people going through similar health and fitness journeys. I wanted to share recipes and experiences that I thought other people could use or benefit from.

One major reason, that I often forget, is that I was influenced by a number of other bloggers. I have followed some people who have gone through their own journeys and share their healthy recipes and experiences, and I admire them. I look at them and their blogs and think, if I could just affect one person the way that they have affected me, that would be amazing.

There are so many wonderful blogs and people behind those keyboards, but I have come up with a list of the 4 most influential healthy food, lifestyle, or fitness bloggers. I'm sure everybody has their own opinion of who is influential, but these are the 4 people who have really impacted me and my desire to live a healthy lifestyle. (In no particular order - they're all amazing!)

1) Brittany - Eating Bird Food
Eating Bird Food was one of the first healthy food and lifestyle blogs I came upon. She is a certified personal trainer and health coach. She gained and then lost 20 lbs in college through healthy eating and exercise. She shares healthy recipes and fitness-related posts.

2) Brianna - BSKYFITNESS
A certified personal trainer who promotes fitness, balance, and self love. She got into fitness and a healthier lifestyle after gaining 40 lbs in a year. I really find that part of her story relatable on a personal level. She also left a career she didn't feel passionate about, to pursue fitness and health.

3) Catherine - Rabbit Food for My Bunny Teeth 
A healthy lifestyle blog encouraging a plant-based lifestyle and welcomes (while welcoming all types of eating styles). She lost 80 lbs through diet alone and blogs about healthy recipes, work outs, and fashion.

4) Ali - Inspiralized
A food blogger who features recipes using a spiralizer. She lost 25 lbs by replacing unhealthy foods with spiralized veggies and fruits. She also shares her fitness and weightloss journey on a second Instagram account.

I recommend checking each of these blogs out. They have great recipes and fitness-related post. They are some truly inspiring women.